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Shannon Engineering, Inc. provides services in commercial, industrial and residential projects. Design with wood, timber, steel, concrete, masonry, and aluminum.  The range of projects includes eliminating posts under the marriage walls of double-wides, wood design for a $3,000,000 log club house, and equipment foundations for a pellet plant.

Types of projects

  • Metal building foundations
  • Structural requirements to reconfigure a 1,000,000 S.F. former G.M plant
  • Reinforce failed roof trusses in a Church Sanctuary
  • Eliminate ice dam problems in a Township Library
  • Monitor progress schedule and labor costs for HVAC contractor on a $50,000,000  hospital renovation
  • Evaluate suspected structural deficiencies in single family homes
  • Identify a serious design oversight in structural steel frame of a two story office building, then design and implement a fix to the problem
  • Facilitate the owner functioning as the construction manager on a $7,000,000 new Sanctuary addition

Steel building sellers design and provide the building, but leave the foundation design up to local engineers because of the variability of soils, local conditions, and building codes. It is very important to take into account not only the downward force of the building and the roof loads, but also to consider the potential for overturning and uplift from wind loads. We will address your particular project and site with these crucial elements in mind.

The rigid frame, rafters, purlins, and cross braces work together to support the roof and provide bracing against shear. We can assure you that your structure is properly designed and braced .

Reasons for building failures can be very difficult to ascertain. Sometimes it is poor design, sometimes improper construction technique, sometimes overlooked maintenance. We will help you get to the bottom of the problem and craft a solution.

Post and timber wood framing provides a beautiful look sought after in certain areas of the country. We are experienced with this type of structural design issues whether you are using new materials or historic reclaimed timbers.

Log homes and lodges can be stunning, but the structural evaluation of these buildings brings in some special challenges. We have completed the structural analysis of several different configurations of varying sizes. We work with homeowners, contractors, and architects to realize their goals.

Conventional wood framing requires special attention to the headers for window, door and other openings. The popular open design floor plans call for particular attention to the ceiling and floor framing. Whatever look you desire, we can help you make it your own. We are happy to design the whole home or just review areas of particular concern for an architect or contractor.

To maintain an open feel, it is often necessary to employ steel beams where dimensional wood members and laminated manufactured wood beams just cannot provide the needed strength. Other times it is the desire to maintain a particular ceiling height, and steel will deliver the necessary strength without excessive depth. We will size the steel members and specify the proper connections for you.

Many of the mountain areas in which we work require particular attention to heavy snow loads and high wind loads. We routinely take this into account in our design calculations.

Whether it is a small cabin, a spectacular and prized family home, a church, or an industrial or commercial enterprise in need of expansion, it is often necessary to add on to an existing structure. To do so, one must look at the addition and its impact on the building already there. We have even divided large buildings in half so an access road could be built between the two halves. Let us know what you want to accomplish, and we will help make it possible and practical.

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Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Estimating, Scheduling, and Project Management;. Shannon Engineering, Inc. brings decades of construction and engineering experience to bear on solving your project challenges. Operating in southwestern Michigan and northwestern Colorado.

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