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Get Expert Help When Disputes Arise


  • Avoid arbitration or litigation. Both are expensive and time-consuming. David Shannon has served as an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association.
  • Convince your adversary that you are better prepared than he is. Settlement will then appear to him to be a preferable alternative.
  • Experience and credentials of your witnesses is of utmost importance.

Examples Of Some Of Our Involvements:

  • Home flooded by neighbor’s well drilling flushing water. Insurance company refused to pay for undermined footings.
  • Falling tree destroyed half of a home. Insurance company refused to pay for shear wall and shear diaphragm damage in the remainder of the home.

  • The casino owner refused to pay the General Contractor for requested, documented additional work.
  • Bar owner claimed that the remodeling contractor provided substandard work and overcharged on added work.
  • Homeowner’s claim against the contractor for substandard workmanship that caused leaks and condensation was dropped when an on-site review as an expert witness discovered that the bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans were vented into the attic.
  • A design defect was discovered in a concrete parking garage under construction. The owner demanded the contractor pay for a reinforcing scheme that appeared to be very expensive. A completely adequate reinforcing method was designed and counter-proposed by the contractor.

  • Caisson sub-contractor filled an 18” sanitary sewer with concrete and claimed that the General Contractor over-charged him to install a by-pass line under a river.

  • Sanitary sewer backed up into the basement of a small church. Storm and sanitary work had the streets torn up on two sides of the church. The contractor claims that the problem was caused by a 100-year storm. The investigation showed that a sanitary sewer manhole was being rebuilt and was not properly protected.
  • After a new subdivision was built and tied into the City storm water sewer, area residents experienced frequent storm water flooding. Investigation showed that the storm water sewer was inadequate to accept the added load of the subdivision, and that no permit was requested by the subdivision contractor, so no verification was made on the adequacy of the size of the existing storm sewer.

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